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Interventions in the Early Years Affinity Group

Facilitator: Carrie Collins | Link Family Resource Center

with Florene Bednersh, MEd | Network Team Liaison

The first years of life (birth through 5) are foundational for a child’s healthy growth and brain development. Parents/primary caregivers play a critical role in providing supportive environments, nurturing relationships, and activities that spark children’s curiosity and learning – but they do not have to figure it out on their own. The Network of Care for Interventions in the Early Years includes parents/caregivers and their child’s primary care physician, providers of quality childcare, home visitation, developmental services, parenting education, and peer support. This interactive affinity group will share buffering strategies, resources, and interventions to support healthy early development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Importance of the network of care for the Early Years Interventions sector

  • Perspective of care and support related to early years interventions

  • Beyond access and capacity issues, what are challenges or considerations important to recognize for interventions in the early years

  • Identify resources, providers, and opportunities for ongoing care and support in the Early Years sector

Interventions in the Early Years Affinity Group: Schedule
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