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Jim Roberts

Family Care Network, Inc.

Affinity Group Facilitator

Jim Roberts is the CEO and founder of Family Care Network, Inc., and has worked in the human service arena for nearly 50 years. Prior to establishing FCNI, Jim worked 15 years in probation including 12 years as an administrator, including Camp Superintendent, Chief Deputy and Chief Probation Officer. He has not only been the visionary and leader of FCNI, but has served as a key leader in developing a number of programs and initiatives in the San Luis Obispo County, including the Children's Services Network Council, the Regionalized Integrated System of Care, Therapeutic Foster Care, Wraparound Services, Transitional Housing Programs and Services, and the Mental Health Services Act program.

For over three decades, Jim has been engaged in advocacy and public policy development at the state and federal levels. His roles have included the development of significant legislation, public policy, statewide program design, rate setting and litigation settlement. Jim has served on numerous boards including a term as president of the national Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA), and the California CACFS. He has also done dozens of workshops, keynotes and training presentations.

Jim Roberts: TeamMember
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