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Road to Resilience: Connecting Pediatric and Community Service Providers


Andria Barnes Ruth, MD – Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative

Ama Atiedu – Cottage Health

This presentation will introduce the concepts and broad categories of the network of care, as outlined in the California Surgeon General’s ACEs Aware Network of Care Roadmap. Presenters will share steps taken and lessons learned in developing the vision and activities of the Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative, including the role of Resilient Santa Barbara County and the emerging partnership that will take their collaboration to the next level. This discussion will show how numerous organizations and funders are aligning efforts to build healthier families and communities by expanding ACEs screening and referral services throughout pediatric clinics and linking providers to relevant community systems. Presenters will demonstrate how a network of care can function by discussing a pediatric case with panelists and by sharing compelling future directions for the Network of Care, building on the purpose of this collaborative. Lessons learned are applicable to any community or coalition that is interested in developing their network of care to support individuals and families impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the components of a trauma-informed network of care and sectors/organizations that contribute to this care

  • Understand the status/partners of the network of care in Santa Barbara County

  • Recognize the places and resources where you can learn more about a network of care

  • Understand the role of care coordination and navigation in a network of care and what these services look like for patients

Road to Resilience: Connecting Pediatrics and Community Service Providers: ScheduleItem
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