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Sara Rex

President/CEO, SPEAK, Inc.
Strategist, consultant, motivational speaker


Sara Rex is a passionate strategist, consultant and motivational speaker. Her role as Executive Strategist & Coach gives rise to her commitment to excellence, talent activation and cultivating leadership capabilities within corporations, classrooms and communities. Proven student success, breakthrough corporate results and sustained culture and community change are hallmarks of Sara’s leadership effectiveness. She is a truly dynamic leader committed to disrupting inherent fragilities, transforming, and activating excellence within everyone whom she engages. Over her 25-year career, Sara has developed operational strategies and drives enterprise-wide Lean Sigma process standardization initiatives to advance organizational capability, maturity, and achieve results for her clients.  

As a change agent, Sara is a recognized community leader and youth advocate striving to create opportunities, equity and access for the underserved. Through this passion, Sara founded SPEAK, Inc. and has designed countless transformational scholastic programs and curriculum products that improve the outcomes of youth by focusing on five core leadership tenets - service, philanthropy, excellence, achievement and knowledge. Sara leverages the dynamic SPEAK delivery model to develop emerging youth leaders through a masterful blend of ASQ Six Sigma caliber problem solving, critical thinking, situational and facilitative leadership models. The SPEAK Leadership Program and Curriculum is taught in several CA schools and has awarded future-focused scholarships and internships to students across the nation. 

Sara received a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. and studied Software Engineering at the University of Maryland. After a brief teaching career in Washington, DC. Sara combined her passion for teaching with her academic studies in biology and systems engineering to pursue a healthcare consulting career. She served as a Senior Consultant within the Department of Defense (DoD) amassing process engineering, organizational change management and operational excellence expertise. Beyond the DoD, Sara holds several key leadership positions within Kaiser Permanente (Executive Director), SPEAK, Inc (Founder & CEO), Singer Burke Zimmer, LLC (COO) and the National Association for Securities Professionals (Program Director). 

Through her work, the SPEAK Classroom and Community Programs have received awards from the CA. State Assembly, CA State Senate, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the NAACP. She currently resides in Santa Clarita, CA. with her husband Todd Rex, and their three children Zoe, Zion and Maximus. 

Sara Rex: TeamMember
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