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SPEAK Up 2 Disrupt! Disrupting Fragility to Create Opportunity


Sara Rex


Sara Rex provides insight into the role of disruption as it relates to intrinsic fragility based on implicit bias.  During this session, she shares how fragility impacts one’s response to and engagement with “otherness” and how the unconscious implications of fragility affect communications, classrooms, communities, corporations, and clinical practice.  Participants will explore the SEEDS and SCARF models as tools to disrupt inherent fragility; to address and minimize the use of protective microaggressions; to cultivate meaningful conversations; to mitigate conflict; and to create intentional opportunities beneficial to advancing and sustaining personal and community growth in cultural competence.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the concept of intrinsic fragility

  • Understand the implications of implicit bias and the impact on how we communicate, educate, cultivate inequity and disparities in classrooms, communities and corporations.

  • Understand the benefits of employing “Disruption” strategies to advance personal and community development of cultural competence.

  • Understand the conceptual framework of the SEEDS and SCARF Models to drive intentional opportunities for personal and community based change.

SPEAK Up 2 Disrupt! Disrupting Fragility to Create Opportunity: Schedule
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