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System-Involved Youth Affinity Group

Facilitator: Jim Roberts | Family Care Network, Inc.

with Kathleen Van Antwerp, EdD |  Network Team Liaison

Multisystem-involved youth are children and adolescents with complex needs who are concurrently served in child welfare/foster care, behavioral health, regional centers and/or juvenile justice/probation systems. This interactive affinity group will provide a shared platform for practitioners and community-based providers to move from conversation to collaboration to create effective care-network pathways for system-involved youth and their families.

Learning Objectives:

  • Importance of the network of care for System-Involved Youth sector

  • Perspective of care and support related to system-involved youth

  • Beyond access and capacity issues, what are challenges or considerations important to recognize for system-involved youth

  • Identify resources, providers, and opportunities for ongoing care and support in the System-Involved Youth sector.

System-Involved Youth Affinity Group: Schedule
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